This foundation is the inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT, first we really want to give GOD all the glory for the divine healing HE gave to Deaconess Fawaz, and thanks be to the LORD ALMIGHTY
who had put Deaconess Fawaz to be the overseer of this foundation.
Deaconess Florence IbiYemi Fawaz was born in Nigeria by a Lebanese father and a Nigerian mother, she did part of her education in Nigeria, London and New York. For over thirty years she had a successful career as a Fashion and Photographic Model, Beauty Promoter/Consultant, Fashion Designer, Trade Show Organizer, Chef and a Restaurateur.
Deaconess Fawaz pioneered professional modeling in Nigeria. She opened the first modeling school and professional modeling agency in Nigeria and in West Africa as a whole and have trained and promote the best in the business in Nigeria, because of her caring for others, in 1989 she started the campaign to help bringing the Nigerian youths out of prostitution and crime.
With her great experience in the modeling industry, she decided to expose African models to the international scene; she then started the first model search contest in Africa, before any other competitors in Africa. The search was known as MISS ALL AFRICA SUPER MODEL OF THE YEAR SEARCH CONTEST from 1990 to 1996.
In 1999 Deaconess Fawaz was diagnosis with Enlarged Heart known as CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE (CHF). She actually find out later that she was born with this deadly heart deformity. This made her to vow to help anyone who may be born or have heart problems, which includes adults here in the USA and in other parts of the world, especially in Africa. With the generosity of Deaconess Fawaz she thought it will not be fair to just concentrate on the heart project alone but to include some other information that has to do with a lot of other deadly diseases that are killing thousands of people in Africa and the rest of the world yearly. Believe it or not six out of all the mentioned diseases are still very unknown to most people in the third world countries, especially the illiterates and the poor because there isn’t enough information to help this less privilege people. This is the cause we must fight and win TO HELP OTHERS.
When l was growing up in my beloved country of birth, life was not as difficult as it is now. I think, like any educated person that as a country get more civilized, life should be easier with greater opportunities for all, especially in the areas of health care, good low cost housing, good drinking water, education, electricity and food for all, but all these are the opposite.
One day in 1972 I was ill with fever, and I went to the most popular hospital in Lagos, if not for a friend who's brother was a doctor in the hospital that used his influence to get me a quick treatment I wouldn't have known what to do. The point I am trying to make is, as I finished my treatment and walking out into the corridor I saw this woman with a child about 3-4 years old who was seriously sick, no one will attend to this poor woman and her baby just because she had no money for the down payment she was suppose to pay. With her baby on her lap crying out and talking to the passersby who cares to listen. As I heard all she was saying I want back inside and talk to my friend’s brother  "the doctor" who then helped this woman to treat her baby. Since then I vow that one day I will become a doctor to help my people in Nigeria and around Africa, especially “THE CHILDREN & THE WOMEN".
Little do I know that I was never going to be a doctor but a MODEL, and little do I know that 27 years later I was going to be diagnosed with a deadly cardiovascular illness which I was born with and never diagnosed, despite a lot of ill health on and off that I went through as a child.
My name is Florence IbiYemi Fawaz and I am the one GOD has placed to run this foundation. In 1999 I was diagnosis with cardiovascular illness, then I made my second “VOW" that if the LORD healed me I will go out there to help people who are in need, those with heart problems and other deadly diseases that they do not even know they had, just as my parent and I never knew until 1999, IF NOT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD.
I remembered how my grand mother always tell me how sickly I use to be when I was a child, she told me how in two occasions I had fainted while I was playing with the other children, she mentioned that any time it happened it takes up to about 2-3 minutes and regain consciousness again. There was no way to check what may be going on with me or my heart at that time, even now in many third world countries people cannot tell if they have problem with their heart because they cannot afford the cost of diagnosis.
Up till the time that I can remember things on my own, at the age of nine years old I was send to a boarding school, one day at the age of 11 years old I just noticed that I felt this lightness in my head and all of a sudden the lightness in my head moved through my neck, to my left face then to my left shoulder move fast to my whole leg and even at that moment if you ask me my name I could not remember. As a child I have strong faith in the LORD. Right there where I was sitting I know in my heart even if I could not speak out,I know I was praying in my mind. I could not get up from where I was resting my back. All I could remember trying to say in my mind was Jesus help me to get myself back. LORD I need you, LORD touch my body. Right there all the numbness I felt were all gone, I never even bothered to tell any one about it. I never felt these symptoms again until when I was 22 years old, but this time it was chest pain right at the center of my chest. So I get my Vicks mentor rub and I gave my chest a nice smooth slightly hard massage for about three minutes and the pain will leave for about two weeks, any time the pain reoccurred I will go for my Vicks rub.
As I said earlier that from childhood I love the LORD and I have always believed that JESUS is the healer and a very prayerful Christian. (Please don’t ask me why I never go to see the doctor). First I never through it was a serious issue. Secondly there are no good hospitals in Lagos and I tell myself whenever I travel to London I will see a doctor. Having lived in London for some years I never have this symptoms, even any time I travel to London on business there was never pain so I never see a doctor. (STUPID, YES). Two weeks after my 23rd birthday I had this cold that want on for about two weeks and I decided to go and see my doctor. The doctor asks me to go and do an X-ray of my chest, after I did the X-ray my doctor called me that he will like to talk to me. He told me that the chest x-ray was okay, but since I always travel to London I should make sure I see the doctor for my heart, so I ask him why. He said further diagnoses would have to be done since there is nothing he can do in Nigeria. He really insisted I see a doctor when I travel out. He said that I must know that a lot of Lebanese are patients of cardiovascular disease, and that because I am half Lebanese I should please see a doctor. He also said it may be nothing because when hole is found in the heart some close up as you grow, and THAT WAS THE END OF IT ALL.
In 1985 I was pregnant. I registered with a hospital here in New York who will take care of my baby and I. When I visited the hospital some test were carried out on me. Among the test was mantoux test, the test came out positive, but I was told not to be alarmed because most people that have lived in the third world countries for so long always came out positive, does not mean I have the disease. At that particular time there is nothing much they can do because of my pregnancy until I have my baby. I had a very pleasant pregnancy never one day in my nine months was I sick. I was only about one and half hours in labor, and I had a pleasant delivery, BECAUSE THE LORD WAS WITH ME.
After the delivery of my baby I was told they are going to isolate me from my baby until they carried out further test because of the previous positive mantoux test. I was re-tested all over and many other investigation was done on my baby and I, but I was told everything was okay. The second day the doctors came to see me on rotten visit, when they left my room I could hear the doctors talking to one another behind the door asking how does she carry the pregnancy for full term with the problem in her heart? But what surprises me years later was why the doctors could not even tell me the danger that is ahead of me or do something before it get worst. I think about this all the time. Even then and now I know that the LORD will take care of me. Again everything ended there.
One year after the birth of my only child, I want from size four to size six and I love it because I really look great with this little weight of 125 lbs to 140 lbs at the height of five feet nine inches. All of a sudden two years after the birth of my daughter I noticed that my weight was increasing rapidly. (HONESTLY BELIEVE ME IS NOT FOOD, I EAT VERY HEALTHY AND I DON’T GO FOR JUNK FOOD).
I moved back to New York in 1997, and by 1999 my weight had increased to 185 lbs. In 1999 I had an operation to remove a rapture drum. After the operation that night I want back home. At home that night all I was thinking was, I may not live to see the next day, I couldn’t sleep I felt my heart was by the top of my chest, I feel this very terrible tightness, I couldn’t breath. Later the LORD put me to sleep. I woke up next morning at about 11 am and I felt well enough to eat and rest. For about the next four days I was feeling drowsy, sweating and very tried, but I want back to work five days after. On the sixth day after the surgery I want to visit a doctor friend of mine, right there in her home I was feeling so sick that I couldn’t breath well, feeling tightness in my chest, sweating and couldn’t stand up well enough. My friend the doctor has a little treatment room in her house, she did EKG on me, she than used these words that “MY HEART IS IN A MESS" She then ask me that, doesn’t the hospital carried out any test on my heart before the ear surgery? My answer was NO.
That was when my doctor friend gave me quick prescription for Nitroglycerin to help me live until I get to the emergence because she was positive that I was having heart failure. When I got to the hospital, I was quickly given treatment. They gave me a stress test, another EKG, X-ray, Electrocardiography and other test. The result was that I have a Congestive heart failure, and that my heart is totally damage and there is nothing they can do. I ask the doctor what can be done to help my heart. I was told the condition of my heart is so bad that the only one thing that could save me is to have heart transplant, which of course will take forever because of the waiting list.
Hearing all the doctors has to say; I asked myself what am I going to do? The answer came to me that all I can do was to bring my petitions before GOD. (I had given my live to CHRIST nine years prior before my diagnoses (BORN AGAIN). I turned my face to the wall like king Hezekiah did when GOD told him he was going to die from his illness. I called on the LORD and HE answered me. (Please this is my own testimony and my faith in CHRIST JESUS, see the doctor when you are sick and follow the doctor’s advice, which I did). Is now 14 years NO heart transplant I am well because by the strip of JESUS I was healed.
In short all I am trying to say is if at the time of my own birth nothing could detect that I was born with heart deformity, today there is, and we cannot deny the babies, children and adults around the world to live a heart free diseases and other deadly diseases. SO THIS WHY I STARTED THIS JOURNEY.
The time of my unknown the LORD was there for me and still there. How many times have l had heart failures that  my parent and I did not know, but the LORD always revived me. If you see me you will never believe that I am a heart patient because I look really good and have lost some weight, all to the glory of our God Almighty. Now I take my medications regularly, see my cardiac who thinks there is nothing any one can do because the damages to my heart are too sever. I told him then that the greatest of all the doctors, who is JESUS will HEAL me. His reply was we will see, now is 14 years he can see what my JESUS has done. As to much bad side efforts the medications has, I don't have them, I am looking very good, my skin is looking great and the Lord is renewing my youth like that of the eagle, who is like unto our GOD, from Everlasting to Everlasting HE IS GOD, HE IS GOD.
My dear friends, is not everyone that have my kind of faith, please help me to help the people who are now going through the kind of pain I passed through as a child and that my parent doesn’t even know it, but the LORD saw me through and HE will lead me through in good health till my ninety-six years old.
Please come on this journey with us with prayers and you financial help to help those who could still be helped. Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read my testimony. GOD bless you. (Amen).